The Wrestlemania PC

When Chaotic Computing set out to build a media server, a wrestling theme seemed like a good idea. The Jakks Pacific WWE Stunt Action Ring looked to be the right size. The goals for the project became to build the media server while still attempting to retain the "Bounce Off Mat"

First, we unpacked the Stunt Action Ring and inspected it, seeing how the mat bounced utilizing elastic strings strung across the corners of the frame. The hard drive was velcroed to the bottom of the mat and tested to see if it would weigh down the mat too much for the elastic bands.


The ring itself obviously had no support for any of the computer parts that would need to be inserted within the frame, so two slats of basswood were cut and painted black to match the bottlom of the ring.


The black slats were then nailed into the bottom of the ring to give the motherboard a firm support.